As already said, we only work with the best, for our fabrics this is no different. Italian fabrics with their richness and ever so elegant appearance or British fabrics well known for their durability, bright colors, gorgeous tweeds and flannels.

A soft and ultra light super-160, a double twisted super-110 or are you more of a tweed guy? You name it, we've got it!

Vitale Barberis

Probably the most well known of them all. This is in fact the oldest and the largest fabric manufacturer in the world. Set up in 1663 it is a 350 year old company and still ran by the family. From flannels to linens, almost every Vtitale Barberis fabric is one we love.


Now part of the Marzotto-group, "Fratelli Tallia di Delfino" was set up in 1903. This world renowned brand is highly regarded for its high end menswear fabrics. A long history, a small company with a "Made in Biella" tradition is all we need to get the perfect match with the quality of our suits.


Known for their super high quality and thanks to the great taste of the owner Senior Lolli who took over the business from his father back in 1976 we can offer you a superb collection of fabrics to choose from every season. Every six months Senior Lolli himself pays us a visit at our showroom. It is always a pleasure to see him, he is one hell of a guy with great charisma and an enormous passion for his product. If you want something special yet classy, a fabric of Drapers is what you want.

Fox Brothers

Flannel, flannel and yep, some more flannel. A Fox Brothers fabric is what you need if you are looking for a bit heavier piece of clothing. Gorgeous flannel checks, tremendous worsted fabrics and a quality you probably won't wear off in a decade. In fact, pieces of this mill are being passed on from generation to generation. Woven in Wellington with a heritage of almost 250 years Fox Brothers is a number one choice in Savile Row and for sure one of our favourites.


When in Belgium and speaking about "tailoring" or "made-to-measure" for sure someone is going to mention Scabal. Whether you are in the business or not, most Belgian people know Scabal. Not so weird because Scabal is in fact the only Belgian fabric manufacturer, and true connaisseurs know the best of Brussels when they see it at a cloth merchant's. Founded in 1938 and starting out as a cloth merchant, Scabal bought its own mill in Huddersfield, Yorkshire in 1973. In 1974 Scabal's own mill is the first to launch a super-120. Before that time, a super-100 was the finest wool available. The search for ever finer wool continues and in 1991 they launched the super-150 by the name "Golden Carat". Nowadays, the ranges of Scabal go up to super-200. This excellence and the possibility to choose from over some 5000 fabrics make Scabal a mill to be proud of!


In the early 1900's driven by a desire to expand their business horizons, Vincenzo Caccioppoli along with his two eldest sons decided to emigrate from Naples to Colombia. There they started the business of importing textiles from Italy and New York. By the end of the First World War, they decided to return to Naples and open their business in Piazza Nicola Amore, still home of the Caccioppoli's. Today the company is still very much a family business. It has become a reference point for fine fabrics for the entire city, Italy and the world. They supply fabrics not only from the best Italian mills, but also from many British mills, including many that are no longer in business.

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