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No matter what you want, we have it all. Customization possibilities are endless and everything is made to fit you and only you. A one, two or three button closure? Wide lapel, a peak one or do you prefer a double breasted suit?

We make our suits the way it suits you!


The inner work of a fused jacket or suit consists of a thin layer of Vliseline that is stuck to the outer material at strategic points. Due to the fact that this way of constructing a jacket is less time consuming than our higher end garments, we can offer you a made-to-measure suit starting from € 499, without having to restrain on the adjusting possibilities we offer for our higher end suits.

Available from 499

Half Canvas

This is a derived version of the traditional way of constructing suits. The canvas runs below the chest and stops at the waist. Canvas that is used in these suits consists of cotton, strengthened with horsehair. This way of working will make your suit look extra streamlined. Therefore an excellent choice if you want to get familiar with tailoring without wanting to go straight up to the high end garments in full canvas.

Available from 599

Full Canvas

A full canvas suit does not involve any fusing whatsoever. A full canvas inner work is attached to the complete front part of the jacket. The canvas (cotton strengthened with horsehair) is felled onto the fabric with numerous fine stitches, recognizable at the backstitching of the lapel. This construction gives movement to both the inner work and the outer material, resulting in an extraordinary feel. The more you wear the jacket the more it will be shaped to your body. No words needed to emphasize that nothing compares to a full canvas garment. Whether you like your suit to have a more clear shoulder-line (a typically British feature) or whether you prefer your suit to have a more Italian look, with an extremely soft and light construction or perhaps even a preference for entirely unlined styles, we have it all !

Available from 749

Soft tailoring

Apart from our 3 ways of fabrication we also offer you our soft tailoring.

The starting point here is an unconstructed inside. This means there are almost no constructions in the inside of the jacket, making it nearly as light as a shirt.

This is the ideal way to create a slightly more casual jacket.

Available from 599

Handmade tailoring

Whereas our other suits are partly made with a sewing machine and finished by hand, our handmade suits are completely sewed the ancient way by hand. Only the seams that have to be ultra tight are constructed with a machine to create an ultimate balance of firmness, comfort and pure craft. Our handmade suits are only available in full canvas or unconstructed.

Available from 999

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