Our story


Whole my life I 've been a passionate guy in everything I do. Whatever my passion was at a particular time of my life, I always wanted to be one of the best at it. It's like an obsession to be good at what I do.

The 8 years I played ice hockey. The skateboarding I was hooked on practically all my childhood. And most of all the 8 years I have been a cycling rider, this was for sure the most intense period of my life. The loss of my bike because of health issues took me rock hard and it took me a long time to get over it, a promising career was glancing and I had to come to terms with the fact that I would never ride again.


I indulged my love for tailoring. I started visiting places that could teach me something of the craftmanship that tailoring certainly is. My head was like a sponge absorbing every bit of useful information. Now, a few years later, I amrunning my own tailor-made label.

I am as passionate about my business now, than I was with everything else I have done in the past. What is more beautiful than a suit that is perfectly made for your body, although that body isn't perfect? What is more special than the fact that you are going to choose how your unique piece of clothing is going to look like? What is more awesome than being your own designer?

Getting into the business

So I started learning, reading, visiting places, my head and memory were like sponges taking up every little bit of information and knowledge. And now, a few years later, I sew my own ties and I run my own tailoring business together with my mum.

And as passionate as I was with my sports I am passioned with what I am doing now. I mean, what's more awesome than a jacket or a suit that beautifully fits your body even if it is not perfect. What is more cool than you, the customer, deciding on how your suit will look, what's greater than being your own designer..

Wear something that is really yours, wear something that sets you apart from all the rest without screaming for attention, wear a Tod-B!

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