Made to order

After a long developing process we are proud to announce our own made to
measure shoe line. We extend our clothing concept all the way to our
shoes. You can choose everything yourself. The leather, the model, the
sole... The shoemaker will even add your name inside the shoe fully by
hand. Regarding sizing, we can even offer different sizes for the left
and right shoe. Our sizes range from 40 EU size to 47 EU size, with half
sizes available in between.

We also have the opportunity to widen the shoes if needed. This offers
people with a high instep or broader foot the chance to wear our
footwear. Furthermore there are somewhat endless possibilities to what
model you want. The slightly more casual shoe with a rubber or crepe
sole, dress shoes with a "blake or goodyear developing."? A sole fully
in leather or a touch of rubber for more grip? Loafers, sneakers, single
monks, double monks, chelsea boots... We try to go as far as possible in
customization for every shoe.

By the way, these diamonds are fully handmade for us in Italy.

So stop by to check out our shoes and try them on!

Priced at 399 EUR.

Made to order

Apart from our made to measure shoes, we also offer our tassels. This is
our own design and meant to fit almost every outfit you choose to wear.
We created these tassels to find a perfect balance between what has to
be chique, and what can be casual.
Perfect to dress under a suit, equally as perfect to rock under a jeans
and white tee.

Available in four colours, instore and online.

Priced at 175 EUR.

Order now!