What we offer at Tod-B

Made to measure in top quality

We are Tod-B tailoring, specialized in made to measure menswear. Our goal is to offer top quality made to measure menswear for an honest price. We only work with the best British and Italian fabric houses to manifacture our suits.

The perfect body doesn't exist so very few of us fit perfectly into confection clothing. As a matter of fact it's impossible because every one of us has a unique bodyshape. We also notice that men often don't really know how to properly build a wardrobe. That's why we are here to help you.

The ideal wardrobe

Not only do we manifacture everything around your shapes, we help you to pick the perfect fabrics for every occasion and guide you to the perfect wardrobe. We do this recognizing everyones budget.

Everything is made depending on your needs and almost every detail is is ready for customization. When you have a busy shedule or having difficulty reaching our shop, we even offer our service at your home or office. Our suits start at €499 with design options included.

Of course it's possible to just have a pair of trousers, blazer, shirt, or gilet made.

Made to measure in 3 steps

Forget the often annoying and time consuming way of shopping and choose for the Tod-B experience in 3 steps!

During our first appointment you will be fully measured and we will determine how your suit is going to look. Which lining do you prefer, which buttons do you like most, do you want a sewed pocket or a flap pocket? Your name embroidered in your jacket or in your collar ? Literally every aspect of your suit is modified to the customers' needs.

This appointment takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on how fast you can decide.

After 5 weeks your suit is completely sewed together and a second fitting is needed. This gives us the opportunity to finetune everything and erase any last imperfections.

This appointment takes about 30 minutes.

1 or 2 weeks later your suit is completely ready to be picked up after a final check. If we can improve on some details we repeat step 2.

This appointment takes about 15 minutes.